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Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Would you take parenting advice from Gene Simmons?

I am finding myself pleasantly surprised, once again, by someone in the public eye. A few weeks ago I wrote about the whole Britney Spears mess and how impressed I was with her estranged husband for stepping up and trying to do what's best for his family. Today, I heard a comment, sort of about her general situation, from a very unlikely source that really surprised me.
I saw an interview with KISS frontman, Gene Simmons, and his commonlaw wife (they brag they have been "happily unmarried for 20 years"), pinnup girl, Shannon Tweed. The two were not only doing press for the new season of their reality show on A&E, but discussing their his and hers face lifts. During this interview, the commentator pointed out that throughout his career and lifestyle as a rockstar, Gene maintains he's never had a drink and never smoked. The guy brought up how everyone is talking about Britney Spears and Lindsay Lohan (esp her mother's most recent comments about how she likes to party too and doesn't want people to know she's Lindsay's mom when they're out--the girl is 20, by they way...not even legal!) Everyone's talking about their getting out of rehab and partying reputations, and he asked Gene and Shannon about their own children (they have an 18- and 14-year-old). How do they keep their kids in line and in control and keep them from being these wild, rich, Hollywood kids we see in the press all the time? Their response was surprising..."The question should be, 'How do those other parents let this happen?' These parents have to be responsible." They went on to discuss how our sociey has become so tolerant and lax on parenting issues and so many parents are too busy trying to be friends with their kids they stop being good parents. Kids have to respect their parents and have to have boundaries and be told "No." They have to know there are consequences for things they do wrong. Gene said "No is no, whether it's killing someone or leaving crumbs on the counter. You just can't do it." Who knew Gene Simmons was so stable and normal?
Once again, I pose the question: 'Who'd have thought?' Who'd have thought a rockstar and his Playboy Playmate girlfriend would have some of the best parenting advice for rearing good, stable, wel-behaved kids? Just goes to show, ya never can tell about people. Looks like we all could take a little advice from the Kiss man himself.

Sunday, March 18, 2007

Silly weekend

My hubby and I have a very similar, silly sense of humor. This weekend we found something we both found hilarious. It is inspired by a local fast food chain's (Checkers/Rally's) ad campaign. Apparently it has gone over well cause now they have designed a whole web page around it. It's just absurd and ridiculous, and incorporates my favorite pet...kitties! Check out Make sure you read the bio section. We got the biggest kick out of that. Hopefully, it'll make you laugh this Monday morning!

Sunday, March 04, 2007

Another attack on Christianity, or are they right this time?

My hubby was watching the news today and told me they were reporting on a movement to change the "Easter Bunny" to the "Springtime Bunny." He said they were reporting that this is yet another attack on Christianity and Christian holidays, similar to the "Merry Christmas" and "Christmas tree" incedents of recent years. I think he was surprised to hear me disagree and admit that I could get on board with that.

With a Christmas tree, you have an tradition of a Christian holiday that aids in promoting a fundamental idea of the gifts to remind us of the gift God gave us in His Son. The tree has nothing to do with the rest of the holidays that are celebrated that time of year. Everyone has them in time for Christmas morning, with the purpose of putting presents under them. Then, they take them down after Christmas. It is, in all reality, a Christmas tree.

The Easter Bunny, however, is an entirely different story. Every year I find myself questioning what on earth bunnies and eggs and candy has to do with the crucifixion and resurrection of Christ. The truth is absolutly nothing! I looked into it! The "springtime hare" that developed into the Easter bunny and left baskets of goodies for children began as a celebration of springtime and a wish for fertility and abundance of crops for the coming season. How it got to be associated with Easter itself is kind of a mystery. (Seriously, if you know, please inform me!)

Now, I have nothing against bunnies or eggs or candy, but I also have nothing against moving "Easter," as it is commonly celebrated today, to March 21 and acknowledged as a celebration of spring. I don't know why Christians would be offended by this. The word "easter" even supposedly has pagan origins. The crucifixion and resurrection is what makes Christianity unique to all other religions. Many others will acknowledge Jesus existed, even that He was a great prophet. But it is Christians' recognition of His divinity, that is validated for us by the resurrection, that fundamentally distinguishes them. Easter should be our most holy and sacred of holidays. I think we should be offended that the rememberance of the crucifixion and resurrection has been reduced to chocolate bunnies, painted eggs, and peeps. I am all for the separation of these two holidays!